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White Labs WLP568 Belgian Style Saison

White Labs WLP568 Belgian Style Saison

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This blend melds Belgian style ale and Saison strains. The strains work in harmony to create complex, fruity aromas and flavors. The blend of yeast strains encourages complete fermentation in a timely manner. Phenolic, spicy, earthy, and clove like flavors are also created.

PurePitch® Next Generation, an evolution of White Labs’ PurePitch® – the most superior and consistent yeast on the market – has been made even better with new packaging powered by FlexCell® Technology for ease of use and a pitch rate resulting in a foolproof fermentation every time. 

Type: Hybrid Yeast

Minimum Attenuation: 70%

Maximum Attenuation: 80%

Flocculation: Medium

Minimum Fermentation Temperature: 70°F (21°C)

Maximum Fermentation Temperature: 80°F (27°C)

Alcohol Tolerance: Medium

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