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Wanderlust English IPA Extract 2.5 Gallon

Wanderlust English IPA Extract 2.5 Gallon

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Tired of the same old IPAs? Interested in a beer experience that takes you to a different place? Our Wanderlust English IPA combines the traditional IPA brewing style with English malts and hops for a totally unique IPA experience. Wanderlust has a strong malt backbone with big notes of bread, toast, and some slight caramel flavors .. All English hops provide a bold range of flavors such as earthy, hop spice, dank notes of grass, with hints of floral aromatics that round out the beer very well. True to style this English IPA has a moderate bitterness and a flavor profile that strays from the highly bitter and citrus road that is so common in many modern India Pale Ales. Feed your curiosity, try a different kind of IPA today and enjoy the rewards of your own wanderlust.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Oak this IPA!

English IPAs are a beautiful blend of bready malt bases and spicy English hops. I really enjoy this style of beer but feel that the addition of American Oak Chips in the secondary for 2-3 weeks adds an entirely new dimension to the beer that brings it to another level.

 Andrzej Bzdula Oaked Beer Optimist

Culinary Corner

Jerk Chicken Marinated in American Wheat

English IPAs give you a lot of range when pairing food because of their balanced yet deep flavor profile. Curries, shellfish, light fish entrees, and fried foods are all great choices to enjoy this beer with. Whether you are using it as a supplement to cooking or enjoying with your meal the robust flavor of Wanderlust is a great compliment to your meal.

 Love2brew Crew Food & Beer Experimenters
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