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Vanilla Cream Ale Partial Mash 5 Gallon

Vanilla Cream Ale Partial Mash 5 Gallon

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The kit that started it all; our custom Vanilla Cream Ale is a refreshing twist on the American Classic. Typical Cream Ales are an ale version of popular American lagers, often with a light body and color. Our Vanilla Cream Ale is medium bodied with a deep gold color that is achieved by steeping our specialty grains. The taste begins with malty sweetness; light and refreshing with a low bitterness profile. As you further enjoy your beer you'll experience a slight vanilla kiss which will linger in your mouth as you swallow. A true pleasure; this light, sweet beer is a true summer classic and is a great choice to win over even the most hesitant beer drinker.

Note: This Beer Recipe Kit requires 4 oz. of 100% Pure Vanilla Extract that is not included with this recipe kit.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Creamsicles, Lattes, and More!

Our Vanilla Cream Ale is an awesome base beer to play with a number of flavors. You can cold brew 3 oz. of Coffee in 21 oz. of water and add during bottling for a Vanilla Latte Ale or try our All Natural Strawberry Flavoring Extract (FRT030) and add 2 oz. at bottling for a Strawberry Cream Ale!

 Ron Rivers Dessert Beer Lover

Culinary Corner

Multiple ideas, all delicious!

The Vanilla Cream Ale has a thickness and enough sugar that makes it a great addition to a homemade barbecue sauce. Use this recipe to create an awesome marinade for your summer BBQs! For pairing we suggest rich desserts such as Fudge Brownies or Double Chocolate Cake!

 Chef Harris M. Professional Chef / Restaurant Owner
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