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Simple Saison Partial Mash 5 Gallon

Simple Saison Partial Mash 5 Gallon

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The love2brew Simple Saison is an great example of what a standard Saison should be. At first you will notice the moderate spice aroma combined with some fruity aromas (think orange and lemons). When you hold up your glass you will take in the golden color and the long lasting, dense head. As you sip on this Saison a combination of fruity and spicy flavors supported by a soft malt character will embrace your taste buds finishing in a palette cleansing dryness. Enjoy this easy to drink session beer at anytime.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Citrus Zest Blending

Saisons are best when you allow them to ferment warmer to really bring out all the esters. Try adding a 3 oz blend of fresh orange, lemon, and lime zest (ratios are at your discretion) during the last 5 minutes of your boil when brewing the Simple Saison. The hints of citrus add another dimension of enjoyment to this fruity and slightly spicy brew.

 Ron Rivers Serious about Saisons

Culinary Corner

Perfect with Polish Food!

Our Simple Saison is a perennial favorite amongst many homebrewers because it is so easy to drink. We recommend enjoying the Simple Saison with fresh Pierogies, but make sure you've cooked them with enough butter and fried onions! Throw in some mashed potatoes and white farmers cheese and you have a truly farmhouse meal to go with your genuine farmhouse brew.

 Love2brew Crew Food & Beer Experimenters
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