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Saison Sauvin Partial Mash 5 Gallon

Saison Sauvin Partial Mash 5 Gallon

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Saison is one of the best styles of beer to pair with food that there is so they’re a great choice with a meal any time of year but I think they really shine on a warm and thirsty day after a bit of work has earned you that beer. Our Saison Sauvin is designed to handle both those situations well. The pairing of white wine like Nelson Sauvin hops and the spiciness of saison yeast creates a wonderful complexity that can stand up to a great meal while still being refreshing and drinkable enough to crush one on a hot day.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Citrus Zest Blending

Saisons are best when you allow them to ferment warmer to really bring out all the esters. Try adding a 3 oz blend of fresh orange, lemon, and lime zest (ratios are at your discretion) during the last 5 minutes of your boil when brewing the Simple Saison. The hints of citrus add another dimension of enjoyment to this fruity and slightly spicy brew.

 Ron Rivers Serious about Saisons

Culinary Corner

Perfect with Polish Food!

Our Simple Saison is a perennial favorite amongst many homebrewers because it is so easy to drink. We recommend enjoying the Simple Saison with fresh Pierogies, but make sure you've cooked them with enough butter and fried onions! Throw in some mashed potatoes and white farmers cheese and you have a truly farmhouse meal to go with your genuine farmhouse brew.

 Love2brew Crew Food & Beer Experimenters
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