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Robust Porter Extract 2.5 Gallon

Robust Porter Extract 2.5 Gallon

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When we crafted this Robust Porter we wanted to really capture a full bodied brew that represented the defining characteristics of the Porter style. As you pour this brew you'll be treated to a dense, tan head that releases a pleasing roasted aroma. A rich, toasty flavor engulfs the tongue leaving a trail of coffee and slight chocolate. After enjoying this Porter there is only one thing you'll be wanting, another glass!



Experimental Brewing Ideas

Peanut Butter Porter

I've worked with several brewers to experiment with different ways of making the best Peanut Butter Porter. You can add a 12 oz. Jar of PB2 Brand powdered Peanut butter at flameout and then use 2-4 oz. of our Peanut Butter Extract to dial in the taste!

 Andrzej Bzdula Ponderer of Porters

Culinary Corner

Porter BBQ Sauce

This Robust Porter makes a great addition to homemade BBQ sauce as it contributes the desired robust malt flavor, but without any lingering burnt or bitter characteristics found in a Stout. Check out the recipe for Porter BBQ Sauce!

 Beer Bitty Food & Beer Blogger
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