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Lemon Shandy All Grain 2.5 Gallon

Lemon Shandy All Grain 2.5 Gallon

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Shandy beers are traditionally a wheat beer base mixed or blended with a second beverage to create a delicious, light, and refreshing brew perfect for the warmer months. A Pilsner and Wheat base give our Shandy a light but refreshing body that pours with a foamy white head. Our hop blend of Cascade, Lemon Drop, and Motueka adds a crisp citrus flavor blend to the beer complimenting the refreshing Lemonade Mix addition. We crafted our Lemon Shandy to be a true-to-style brew that both homebrewers and commercial Shandy drinkers could enjoy, so be sure to enjoy with some good friends by your side.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

To Sweet Or Not To Sweet

Before we released this beer we had Love2brew Patrons test it vigorously (aka enjoy samples at the shop!) and we received a lot of great feedback! A handful of Shandy drinkers told us they would prefer it sweeter than what is provided in this kit. We recommend brewing the beer as is, mixing in the Lemonade Mix prior to bottling, tasting it, and adding more if you want it to be sweeter. .

 Andrzej Bzdula Shandy Savage

Culinary Corner

Light Cheese & Saltly Crackers

Our Lemon Shandy is a crisp, refreshing brew that is great for the warmer months. Pair this beer with some light cheeses, salty crackers, and finger fruits to make your relaxing day in the sun even better. If you want to enjoy with dinner think Chicken or Pasta with White/Light Sauces.

 Love2brew Crew Food & Beer Volunteers
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