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Irish Stout All Grain 5 Gallon

Irish Stout All Grain 5 Gallon

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Irish Stouts (officially known as Dry Stouts) are a beer recognized all over the world for their rich roasty flavors and thick creamy heads. The love2brew Irish Stout will please your palate with its moderate body and roasted flavors deriving from the generous Roasted Barley additions. We add a very cleaning bittering affect with Magnum hops to enhance the dryness of the brew. If you like Guinness wait until you try a freshly brewed pint of your own Irish Stout!

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Considering Yeast Options

Dry Irish Stouts are lower ABV Stouts that drink really easy. Usually they have finite contraints on their style, but if you're looking to try something new we recommend skipping the Irish Ale Yeast and picking a Belgain Yeast to brew with! Belgian Yeasts add a distinct dark fruit profile to beers and will put an interesting twist on this classic Stout!

 Ron Rivers Blonde Ale Brewer

Culinary Corner

Great for pairing or cooking!

The roasty character of Irish Stouts add a pleasent compliment to hearty dishes like beef stew or pastas with red sauce. For cooking I've created a Irish Stout Glaze for Short Ribs that is a huge is a huge hit with my family!

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