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Irish Red Ale All Grain 5 Gallon

Irish Red Ale All Grain 5 Gallon

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Our Irish red pours a beautiful crimson red color with an off white head that lasts for days. Incredibly easy drinking, this malt-forward brew will greet your palate with some initial sweetness from the Caramel Malts followed by a dry, roasted finish that is traditional among brews of this style. A subdued hop profile helps to keep the focus on the malt notes that define this style while still providing a balanced brew. Enjoyed by everyone it's an easy choice to have in your house year round.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

Honey Red Ale

Irish Reds are malt forward, slightly sweet brews. If you want to dry out the beer but retain the dazzling red color try adding 1 lb. of Honey at flameout. It will give the beer a slight ABV boost and dry out the flavor a bit!

Ron Rivers Radical Red Ale Brewer

Culinary Corner

Keep It Traditional

Corned Beef and Cabbage and Irish Red Ale were made for each other. The malty sweetness and slight hoppy spice of our Irish Red are a great pairing with the saltiness of the Corned Beef.

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