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English Dark Mild All Grain 5 Gallon

English Dark Mild All Grain 5 Gallon

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Dating back to the 18th century English Mild beers were once the most popular beer in England often enjoyed mainly by the industrial laborers of the day. Milds are malt forward beers with very little hop flavor or aroma and are defined as a session beer due to their low alcohol content. Our take on this historical gem focuses on a distinct toast profile with slight notes of chocolate and toffee. In an additional effort to keep this brew true to style we only carbonate it moderately as it is traditionally served in casks. An ideal brew choice if you are looking for a beer that is flavorful, refreshing, easy to drink, and can be enjoyed pints at a time with family and friends! Experience your own piece of history today!



Create a Session American Brown

Milds are one of my personal favorite styles; a well made Mild tastes so good and the low ABV means I can enjoy more than a few! Recently I had success with tossing 2 oz. of Citra in the secondary for a quick 4 day drop hop. Creates a beautiful citrus aroma and flavor that follows up with a toasty malt backbone!

Ron RiversMaster of Milds


Hearty Meals

Although lower on the ABV scale our Mild still packs a ton of flavor similar to traditional Brown Ales. This means you should enjoy it with hearty dishes such as Beef Stew, Roasted Pork, and Grilled Sausages.

Love2brew CrewFood & Beer Experimentors
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