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Czech Pilsner Extract 5 Gallon

Czech Pilsner Extract 5 Gallon

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Czech Pilsners (also known as Bohemian Pilsners) are one of the most popular beer styles in the world. Introduced in 1842, Pilsner lager beers have become known for their incredibly refreshing and well-balanced taste. Our Czech Pilsner is a simple recipe with a complex malt character and distinct hop spice flavor due to the generous additions of Czech Saaz. When compared to German Pilsners, Czech Pilsners provide a slightly sweeter malt character which helps to tone down the hop bitterness. Since this style of brew is a lager it needs to ferment cold but the end result is a refreshing, clean, and delicious beer that can be enjoyed during anytime of the year with any type of beer drinker!


A Delicate Twist

One of the most interesting homebrews I"ve ever had was a really well made Lavender Pilsner. It was super refreshing with a beautiful floral aroma and taste. Add 0.75 ounces of Lavender at flameout of your brew and let it stay in the kettle as you cool. Be careful not to overdo it, too much can be aggressive!

Ron RiversPatron of the Pilsner


Pairing Pilsner Perfectly

Pilsner is a great beer because it meshes so well with so many foods. Traditionally it"s paired with hefty Brats and a spicy mustard but it also makes an incredible compliment to Indian style dishes which tend to use spices as one of their main flavor features. Pils is also a great complement to the soft flavors of a baked fish so be sure to try it!

Love2brew CrewFood and Beer Experimenters
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