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American Wheat Ale All Grain 2.5 Gallon

American Wheat Ale All Grain 2.5 Gallon

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American Wheat beers are smooth, easy to drink crowd favorites. The malted wheat produces a cloudy appearance and lightly colored body. Compared to German Hefeweizens American Wheat beers lack the traditional banana and clove notes produced by the Hefeweizen Yeast so you end up with a cleaner tasting Wheat brew. In addition our American Wheat will have a slightly more hoppy (citrus, grapefruit) profile. This kit is a great place to start for brewers interested in experimenting with fruit additions in their brews.

Experimental Brewing Ideas

The Ultimate Fruit Beer

There is no better choice for a fruit beer base than our American Wheat! Whether you use our Natural Fruit Extracts or our fresh Fruit Purees either choice will go very well with this brew. For the fruit extracts we recommend adding 2 oz. at bottling (before adding priming sugar) and then tasting it. Add more as needed. Purees should be added in the secondary for 2+ weeks.

Tom Boylan Fruit Beer Fanatic

Culinary Corner

Jerk Chicken Marinated in American Wheat

Jerk Chicken is a fan favorite and I've created this recipe to showcase the style in a Jerk Chicken marinade. The America Wheat is a great beer to cook with as the touch of citrus hint offers a nice but subtle layer of flavor to many foods.

Nick H. Professional Chef
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