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American Pale Ale Extract 5 Gallon

American Pale Ale Extract 5 Gallon

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American Pale Ales are refreshing, hoppy beers with a supporting malt backbone that makes them balanced and drinkable. Our American Pale Ale has a more distinct hop flavor and aroma profile than a Blonde Ale but lacks the bitterness and ABV associated with India Pale Ales. This brew pours a gold color with a foamy white head and showcases flavor and aromatic notes of a pleasing citrus blend from the Cascade and Galena hops that linger on your tongue just enough to be pleasing but not harsh. A noticeable malt background rounds out the flavor bringing this brew to a full circle of incredible taste and easy drinkability. American Pale Ales are approachable for both Craft Beer novices and enthusiasts alike making them a popular beer year round.


Yeast Experiments

True to style our American Pale uses a standard American Ale Yeast, but switching it up can lead to great results. English yeast will attenuate less leaving a maltier base, Belgian Yeast can add a plethora of fruity esters, and Saison yeast can create a tasty hoppy Saison!

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No Wrong Answer

Gougres are the savory equivalent to a cream puff. I use Pale Ales to make them as they pair well with the woodsy thyme and nutty gruyere. Full Recipe.

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